siRNA Profiler

All potential siRNAs from the submitted sequence are scored using the Reynold et al algorythm with slight modifications (available upon request). Possible scores range from -2 to +9. The free energy of both ends of each siRNA is also calculated using the turner tables. If dG of the 3' end of the siRNA (sense strand) is higher than dG of the 5' end (sense strand), chance of selecting an efficient siRNA is also improved (d(dG)>0).

Results are provided as a list of 19 b siRNAs (sense strand) ordered by score. d(dG) are also provided
Users should add either dT or "the natural" dNTPs for the final design of their double stranded siRNAS.

Type your sequence here (minimum of 21 nt, for dangling end dG calculation)


siRNA collection (only for d(dG) calculation, without taking into account dangling ends):