Automated deployment of Galaxy environments using Ansible

Published: 15-03-2017. Validity –> July 14th, 2017

The ARTbio facility is seeking for an IT Engineer to develop automated deployment of Galaxy servers, in single-machine or machine clusters (in local or Cloud Infrastructures)

Required skills:

– Ansible

– Python

– Solid bases en sysadmin Linux and network management

– Experience in cluster management would be appreciated

Contract duration: 4 mounths

Education: Master in IT and 2-year experience in development

Salary: ~2000 € free of taxes

Responsable opérationnel de la plateforme de bioinformatique ARTbio

Published: 6-01-2017. validity –> June 1st, 2017

Un poste de responsable opérationnel de la plateforme ARTbio sera prochainement ouvert à concours par l’Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie. Pour informations détaillées, télécharger FDP_IGR_ARTbio prévisionnelle.


Software Developer / Research Engineer in bioinformatics

Published: 6-01-2017. validity –> April 1st, 2017

Galaxy Tool Development for small RNA biology, epigenetics
and viruses metagenomics