ARTbio provides support for use of bioinformatics tools/software without leaving the Galaxy framework

Tool installation

This is the more straightforward track: should you need a tool already available on the main Galaxy toolshed or the test Galaxy toolshed, we can install it in the Mississippi server where it becomes available for your analyses. We are not only installing the tool: we test its functionalities and report for any found issues.

Tool adaptation

There is an ever growing number of bioinformatics tools and software that are distributed as standalone program package. Provided that the tool/software is Open Source and can be executed on a linux-based Operating System, we can wrap it and make it accessible for use in the Galaxy framework.

This is not always an easy task, but there is now powerful emerging technologies (planemo, Docker, etc) that speed up and simplify integration of tools/software to the Galaxy framework.

Why spending energy to wrap applications in the Galaxy framework ?
Because we think that no matter you are a biologist or an experimented computational biologist, conducting an analysis in Galaxy outperforms by far the command line approach for reproducibility and transparency.
Plus, adapting your tools to the Galaxy framework gives them further audience and visibility !

Tool development

Need for a missing tool in the course of your analysis project ?
We can build the tool from other pieces of Open Source software or from scratch, if it fits with our field of expertise.

Our tool adaptations and tool developments are primarily available from our GitHub repository.