Analysis Projects

We support to perform NGS analyses in

  • Small RNA Biology

  • Transcriptomics

  • Epigenomics

  • Viruses Genomics

  • Structural Variations

  • … and more !

We provide

  • Hardware and Software infrastructures required for computational analyses
  • Personalized training and accompaniment in data mining performed using the Galaxy framework
  • Deployment or development of specific Galaxy tools, when required

In all cases, our service includes

  • The validation of raw data at the kick off of the project
  • Generating analysis Galaxy histories as well as Galaxy workflows that can be exported and stored by our user to share, extend or publish their work
  • Helping in generating Galaxy Pages for publication of accessible and transparent analyses
  • The use of the Trello project manager to keep track of all actions and issues related to the analysis project

Throughout the course of the project, we try as much as possible to conform to the AGILE guidelines in order to reach optimal results, which are evaluated at completion of the project using a satisfaction survey.

We support analysis projects in either  Service Delivery or Collaborative modes.

We are open to interactions with any researchers, from academic or private organizations.

To get support from ARTbio for your analysis project, please review our project contract form, see our pricing and contact us.